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Editorial review


José Fernández Senior editor

Free Torrent Viewer is a P2P client for Windows computers. It allows you to download torrent files and to connect to Gnutella networks to find and share files. The application packs the functionality of both a torrent client and an application like Emule in one. This goes against the developer's claims that this application is lightweight.
I noticed that the application was a bit slow at times.

The first thing that I did when I opened this application was open a torrent file, to test how well (or not) the application performed. The torrent took a little over 2 minutes to start downloading. And it didn't reach an optimal speed during the time I spent with this application.

The part of the application that downloads from Gnutella networks didn't work much better than the torrent part. I carried out a search for a popular singer, and all I got were 100 results. I tried to download some of those, and the status of the transfer remained "pending".

Free Torrent Viewer comes built-in with a media player and a search engine for Gnutella networks. The media player is perhaps the only part of this application that functioned as expected.


  • It combines a Gnutella client and a BitTorrent client all in one.


  • I couldn't get many results from searches and the torrent that I tested it with never achieved nominal speed.

Publisher's description

Free Torrent Viewer is an ultra lightweight but full-featured BitTorrent client specifically designed for Microsoft Windows. This feature-rich Free Torrent Viewer provides you with the easier way to download, view and manage .torrent files from the Internet.
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